Zip Line Proposal Request

Receive a Zip Line Rental Proposal Today!  

“No money due until you want to confirm.”

If you would like to obtain a proposal to present to your committee, school board or church group for your event, follow these steps or watch the how to video below

Start by scrolling down to the calendar at the bottom of this page

  1. Select  a date
  2. Select that same date again
  3. Click Confirm availability
  4. Select the ending date, if rental is for only 1 day, then select the same day, if it is two days, select the next day
  5. If you would like certificates of additionally insured to be issued they will cost an additional $100 per certificate.
  6. Click “book now” and fill out your company/business/school/etc. details

Here is what will happen next…

  1. A proposal will be emailed to you with your details and the details of the rental
  2. A follow up email in 3 days and 7 days will be sent to you asking if you would like to confirm.
  3. Reservations are confirmed once you send the check for full amount.
  4. You will get a confirmation email when we receive the check.

*Reservations proposal requests will be canceled if we do not receive confirmation within 21 days of the initial proposal request. If you need a longer time limit, let us know.