Giant Zip Line Racer Event Ideas

Look below, we have listed rental ideas for the Giant Dual Zip Line Racer!


Fundraising Events

A great ride to have at your next fundraising event.  The tandem zip line racer has 2 zip line cables next to each other, which means you could set up races to raise money for your event.  For example the person who comes in second on the zip line racer will be asked to donate 2x as much as the person who comes in first place.  By not restricting the number of people able to go down the ride, it will allow you to raise the most money for your cause.

Corporate and Team Building Events

Corporate team building events can be an important part of a businesses success.  Push the boundaries of your next team building event!  Create a work environment where employees are appreciated. Rewarding them for all the hard work will keep the company on a path to success.  Having events that allow employees to bring their families for a day of food and fun creates that family aspect of the business.  A thrilling attraction that all ages can ride, allowing you to provide fun and excitement for the whole family.  Whether you are hosting the event at your facility or at a nearby park, the portable zip line is capable of providing that over the top excitement needed to represent your appreciation for your employees.

Advertising and Marketing opportunities

Hang Banners from all 4 sides of the 35ft. high tower.  Everyone’s attention is drawn towards the tower when participants shout out as they zip away.

Carnivals, Fairs and College Events

Carnivals, Fairs and School events are some of our most popular zip line events.  An attraction that can get people talking will help bring people to your event!  As people pull up they will immediately see the zip line.  With locking harnesses and well trained staff, this is the safest rides you can rent.

Church Festivals

Church festivals bring the church community together!   Church parking lots or a local park around the corner work well too.  The zip line will provide fun and the ride that everyone hopes will return the next year!

Birthday Parties and Weddings

Birthday parties and weddings are great events for the Giant Dual Zip Line Racer.  Every kid wants their birthday party to be the one talked about at school and what better way than having a 35ft high zip line.  Looking for a fun activity for your guests to do at your wedding, what better idea than a zip line!